by Kathy HurdCarrillo

Professional figure skater since 1986
If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding KatStrapz, please feel free to contact me. Below you will find a list of testimonials from the various skaters who have tried KatStrapz for themselves.  
Experiment and Send in your results!!

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Ideas & Testimonials:

"I think these will be great for our Synchro teams! No more taping, yeah!"

"I wore my KatStrapz on one boot only to compare. It helped me figure out how I                 needed to use them best."

"Try using two KatStrapz  on each boot to cover all the hooks. Try criss-crossing                them."

"My KatStrapz make great emergency hair-ties!"

"When I take my skates off, I hook the carabiner on the front of my skate laces so I             don't forget to put my KatStrapz on the next time." 

"The carabiner makes a great zipper pull, too!"

"Katstrapz can be dyed to match boot colors or team colors. (Rit Dye)"

 (new tool) One coach discovered he could use the carabiner hook for a screwdriver to      tighten his skate guards.

(Speed Lacing) Same coach discovered he could get away with only lacing the foot of       his skate, and the KatStrapz were the only thing holding the tongue. 

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